4 Days Diving at Komodo National Park

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Komodo and Rinca Island (Komodo National Park) most populer because of the Big Lizard or Komodo Dragon but right now we would like to introduce you the other site of the island, that is Diving spot. Marine life, soft coral, hard coral, and colour full fish seemed to inspire the hearts of travelers who come to visit this island. We invite you to join the spectacular view under water companying by experience Scuba Diving guide.


Distance : 10 km from Labuan Bajo
Maximum Depth : 30 m
Description of the dive site : Sea mount and cCoral garden, hard Coral, Fringing reef and sandy slope 
What you can see : Nudibranches, Scorpion fishes, Stone fishes and other macro
Suggestions: If there is not current it’s nice to go and visit a seamount where pelagic fishes can be spotted. If the current picks up in the channel ( between the wall and the seamount) it’s better to stay in shallow water.



Distance : from Labuan Bajo 13 km
Maximum Depth : 26 m
Description of the dive site : Coral garden, hard coral, fringing reef and sandy slope. Perfect for beginners and refresh dives.
What you can see : Excellent macro, pigmy seahorse, shrimps and crabs, turtles.
Suggestions : With falling tide, current runs east-west and reverses in rising tide. Begin the dive up current from the beach.


Distance : from Labuan Bajo 15 km
Maximum Depth : 30 m
Description of the dive site : Seamount, coral garden. Perfect for beginners.
What you can see : School of fusiliers, giant trevally, hawksbill turtles, napoleon wrasses and barracuda.
Suggestions: Two different dive options: the first is a drift dive from the north side of the island along the reef in slight current; in the second one you can head away from the reef at 22 m, cross a sandy bottom and find a seamount.



Distance : from Labuan Bajo: 17 km
Maximum Depth : 30 m
Description of the dive site : Wall dive. Easy dive.
What you can see : Excellent hard corals, turtles, cuttlefishes and reef fishes.
Suggestions: There are different entry points around the island, according to the current.



Price USD $995 (Minimum 2 Person) 

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The Price Includes:

  • Airplane ticket.
  • Air port tax.
  • Transfer in out airport.
  • all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • donation.
  • English speaking Guide.
  • Hotel.
  • Boat.
  • Diving equipment.

The Price Exclude:

  • Conservation fee for Komodo National Park.
  • Camera fee.
  • laundry and personal expense and tip.