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Bali Canyoning Alam joint with Canyoning Company is a business entity with the status of a partner company which takes the form of Commanditaire engaged in Services Sector Tourism. Canyoning Bali is an extreme activity which is classified sporting nature free in Bali based on rivers tracking, canyon, and waterfalls and merging several variations of techniques like scrambling, rappelling, abseiling, river-hiking, cliff jumping and swimming. Bali Canyoning is a business engaged in tourism services that have permissions, complete legality as support business activities that are sustainable and internationally. Bali Canyoning packages suitable to domestic and foreign tourists holiday in Bali with a combination of nature and adventure.

Are you true natural explorers? So you should try canyoning experience in Bali. One of the locations are known as the canyoning in Bali is Gitgit. Gitgit has some canyoning trek and each trek has a different character and different difficulty level. Here we would invite you to the adventure for 3 to 3.5 hours down the canyon, you can explore the contours of steep cliffs, tracking through mud and steep path, cliff jumping, sliding on the natural slider, cross the fast-flowing river and even do a flying fox in between two cliffs..

Tukad Yeh Lampah - Bali Canyoning

Activity Amount Height
Jumping 4 x 3-9 m
Sliding 3 x 3-7 m
Rappelling/Abseiling 3 x 2-22 m
Swinging (Tarzan) 1 x  
Swimming 3 pool area 20 m (tide)

Price USD $130

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Tukad Yeh Anakan - Bali Canyoning

Activity Amount Height
Jumping 4 x 4-7 m
Sliding 4 x 4-6 m
Rappelling/Abseiling 6 x 7-15 m
Swimming 4 pool area 20 m (tide)
Hot Springs Hot spring pool  

Price USD $155

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Tukad Yeh Sudamala - Bali Canyoning

Activity Amount Height
Jumping 7 x 3-9 m
Sliding 4 x 3-7 m
Rappelling/Abseiling 5 x 3-24 m
Flying Fox (Zip - Lining) 1 x 76 m (long)
Swinging (Tarzan) 2 x  
Swimming 6 pool area 20 m (tide)

Price USD $200

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Tukad Yeh Campuhan - Bali Canyoning

Activity Amount Height
Jumping 11 x 3-9 m
Sliding 8 x 3-7 m
Rappelling/Abseiling 11 x 3-24 m
Flying Fox (Zip - Lining) 1 x 76 m (long)
Swinging (Tarzan) 2 x  
Swimming 10 pool area 20 m (tide)
Hot Spring Hot spring pool  

Price USD $220

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Trip are included:

  • Free return transfer from your accommodation anywhere in Bali.
  • Light breakfast at our basecamp.
  • Tasty lunch, h2o and on trip snack.
  • Full canyoning equipment (helmet, shoes, socks, wetsuits, canyoning harness, and gloves optional).
  • Clean towel for a shower after trip.
  • Insurance.
  • FREE PHOTOS (GoPro)!
  • Videos available on demand (extra fee applicable).

What to bring:

  • Bathing suit to wear under the wetsuit.
  • Extra Clothes.
  • Change of clothes for after the trip.
  • Waterproof camera if desired (i.e. GoPro).
  • High capacity memory card or USB to save your free photos (also available for purchase on site).
  • PAYMENT VOUCHER, cash, credit card (3%transaction fee applicable).
  • Each participant is required to provide AGE, HEIGHT (cm), WEIGHT (kg) and SHOE SIZE at the time of Booking.