Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Posted by Rony on 5th August, 2019

It may be familiar to you when you hear the name of Waterfall, especially for those who have been here, so I will share some reviews and info.

The address is Jln. Tembuku, Dusun Penida Kelod - Bangli. In this interesting place, you will find some unique things if you visit. Enter a cave-like place and you'll find hidden waterfalls inside, cool isn't it!

The sensation of the tropical rainforest you will feel in this Caucasian Waterfall, many travelers from overseas have come and captured its beautiful charm, don't miss it!

If you come here it is best to bring sandals or something like that, as you explore this waterfall, you will be walking through small rivers and fairly steep pebbles, it would be great if you did not wear footwear.

The tips for you to visit the Caucasus Falls are recommended during the day, so that the sun can shine through the tree trunks and cliffs that eventually fall illuminate the path you are traveling on, which will also make your photos look cool..hhe

There is still no fixed entry ticket for this attraction, just before you will see the donation box at the post after you park the vehicle, which will collect the funds to create a backdrop for Tukad Waterfall This dough is for the guys.

Another place you will find is a shed or a place for self-cleaning in the form of a small shower with a small entrance to the cliff, but this place is very clean, prohibiting entry to this area unless it is ready to bring with it the tools and prayers of the house.

Hidden Paradise in Bali .. 
So far This fascinating place has become a very popular tourist attraction on the island of Bali to this day, hopefully the future will be like this and even more beautiful and interesting.

For the location of the map you can googling it yourself or click the link at the end of the post, until you find it at the next Point of Interest. Recommended.


Source: http://gunsgloriess.blogspot.com/2017/01/tukad-cepung-waterfall.html

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