This 5 Nature Hidden Paradise in Bali

Posted by Eko Prasetyo on 11th September, 2016

Bali is a target of the tourists when they want on vacation. Both domestic and foreign tourists are already familiar with the beauty of Bali is very charming and exotic. Certainly presents an interesting side separately. There are many tourist areas that can be visited. But there are still many who do not know nan hidden paradise in Bali. Where do these paradise?

Canyon Guwang


Bali has a beautiful panorama on a cliff very beautiful. Canyon Guwang become one of the tourist area was the target of the tourists. Especially with a very exotic and beautiful. You will be invited to follow the river and also crept in between the cliff walls were pretty low. It is advisable to visit this tourist area in the dry season. Because when the rainy season, the area will be very slippery cliff.

Green Canyon

Green Canyon tourist area located around handfuls waterfall. Green Canyon is located in Bangli regency. You can see the beauty of nature is green around the tourist area. Enough to pay a levy of 5000 tickets, you can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and the Green Canyon Tangkup charming. Atmosphere and panorama presented is ready to pamper you

Rainbow Canyon

Near Green Canyon, there is a place called Rainbow Canyon travel no less beautiful. In order to get to the tourist area is very difficult. Because there are no directions. You should ask the people around. Location of Rainbow Canyon is located in Tembuku Kaja Village, Banjar Penida. Of course this long trip can be paid off with the scenic beauty of the colorful and fascinating

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Near Rainbow Canyon you can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall is very charming. Tukad Cepung Waterfall present the beauty of the cliffs surrounding the circular. But previous notice first debit waterfalls. If heavy and overflowing, it is advisable to see it from afar. The reason is very dangerous to visit this waterfall in times heavy.

Bukit Cinta

Bukit Cinta present the beauty of the atmosphere at a time when the sunset. You can enjoy the atmosphere at this hill when dusk. Panorama exotic makes you will easily flattered and fascinated. The view is very fitting for you to visit with your partner. Of course it will make the relationship more romantic.

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Beautiful Canyon Site By Guest on 29th November, 2016 at 7:26 PM
I Have been in Bali many times but I just know about those canyon sites. This is the hidden gems of Bali.
Campuhan Ubud By Wahyu Suryatama on 30th November, 2016 at 1:57 PM
Camphuan the most easy to find than the other. I have been at campuhan but i just know about those canyon site.

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