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Posted by Administrator on 8th October, 2016

Secretary of Atase Pers and Culture Attaché of the German Embassy in Indonesia, Alexander Thielitz, said his country continued to support the conservation of the world heritage site of Borobudur "This year is the sixth year of the Government of the Republic of Germany gave its support to the conservation of Borobudur, " he said after a workshop on Mitigation of Disaster Risk Reduction Culture sites in Borobudur, Magelang, Monday, September 26, 2016. He said this year implemented an increase in capacity for the conservation of the Borobudur temple complex in terms of disaster risk reduction project implemented by the UNESCO Office in Jakarta in cooperation with the Borobudur Conservation Institute Ministry of Education and Culture. He said the project aims to ensure long-term preservation and conservation of Borobudur and enhance the skills and knowledge of staff Borobudur Conservation through development efforts in conducting disaster mitigation measures in their conservation activities.

Some activities in the collaborative project, which covers training, joint research and analysis on the conservation of stone and matching activities Buddha statue's head, and parameters of risk reduction. During the activities, UNESCO Jakarta, in collaboration with experts from Germany, which facilitates capacity building activities for the staff Borobudur Conservation Center, Prof. Dr. Hans Leisen (stone conservation expert of the Cologne Institute for Biological Sciences, Germany), Dr. Esther von Plehwe Leisen (stone conservation expert from Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany), Mike Boge Dipl.Ing. and Bern Niedringhaus Dipl. Ing. (Specialist water management from Germany), and Emmeline Decker Dipl (laboratory expert from Germany).Fifth experts work closely with the staff of the Office of Borobudur Conservation Center during their mission and carry out collaborative activities for the conservation of Borobudur including continuing activities to do mapping of damage stone and monitoring of moisture in some areas of the temple, assessment and monitoring of sources and drains, perform analysis and testing new mortar system, and continuing collaborative activities matching statue of Buddha's head.According to Alexander partnership fund Government of the Republic of Germany to support the conservation of Borobudur Temple from 2011 to 2016 about 600 thousand euro. "The funds are given to UNESCO in Paris and then delegate to the UNESCO Jakarta and then coordinate with the Ministry of education and culture through the Borobudur Conservation Center.


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