Menjangan Island, Paradise Diving Perfectly In West Bali

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Bali indeed save millions charm for anyone who visit it. Starting from nature tourism, cultural tourism, to religious tourism, are all available here. But sometimes for some people who like to travel, The island of Bali is boring because only certain spots visited. Eits, who would have thought if it turns Bali still has a hidden paradise that offers a stunning panorama for you This paradise is Menjangan Island. An island that is still very natural with a super amazing diving spots.


Deer island located in the northern area of ​​West Bali National Park Precisely in the  Klampok Village, Grokgak District, Buleleng, Bali, or about 60 km from Lovina. You will trip araund 3 hours from the center tourist of Kuta. 

Access and Facilities 

To reach this island, you have to cross by boat  for 30-45 minutes from the Lalang Port. During your adventures  you will be served by the sight of a volcano in East Java until Prapat Agung combined with clear blue sea. At the Lalang Port, the facilities provided are complete, such as restaurants, lodging, bars, and much more. At the Port of Lalangan already provided a wide range of complete diving packages that you can choose such as boat + guide + insurance + rental snorkel equipment. If you want to stay at the location closest to the island, there are several inns and resorts that you can make the choice, such as The Menjangan Resort, Mimpi Resort Menjangan, Taman Sari Bali Resort and Spa, and Pondok Sari Beach & Bungalow Resort.

What can be done?
Although famous for its wall diving, Menjangan Island has a lot of coral reefs at a depth from 10 meters. You will find many fish types gorgonial fanfish here. Conditions here are quite calm waters so visibility you can reach 50 meters in certain weather conditions. Menjangan island is surrounded by coral reefs with a variety of formations and shapes. Coral rock formations as deep as 60 meters form small caves and caverns that have a function as a coral reef habitats such as soft corals, large groupers and moray eels. Inside the caves little later you'll find a small snapper and batfish were swimming back and forth.Seabed island is also rich in species barrel sponges and sea fans with very large size .At the location of this depth is also a lively place for tuna species, hordes of jackfish, batfish, angelfish, sea turtles and sharks. Amazing is not it? Some well-known spot for diving is often used as a dive site on the island are:

Eel gardens

Eel gardens is a diving spot which is located in the western part of the Menjangan island. The spot is often referred to as the best diving spots in Menjangan Island. At this spot there are many sets of garden eel and sea fans, according to the name spotnya. Diving begins at a depth of about 40 meters a coral wall that is rich in gorgonians and other marine life. 

Secret Bay

Secret Bay is the right location for you lovers of macro diving because in these locations is quite shallow waters with diverse coral reefs and sand muddy seabed. In this volcanic sand of various marine life are rare and endemic This location is the location that is still very natural and not much untouched. Only with a depth of 10 meters, you can find nudibranchs, frogfish, shrimpfish, seahorses, dragonets, pipefish, lionfish, sea shrimp, ribbon eels and many other species But if you want to enjoy the beauty of these species should dive at the right time. 

Anchor Wreck

Anchor Wreck diving is the recommended location for divers who have experienced and professional enough With a depth of about 45 meters, this location offers a unique rusted wreck complete with anchors According to the public, this ship is a Dutch naval ship that sank in the 19th century during World War II.

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