Have You Tried This? You Deserve To Be Called The True Adventurer

Posted by Wahyu Suryatama on 25th January, 2017

Who would want to be adventurous? But not all of you can't be called a true adventurer. The fact is that many people claim that they are traveling lovers. But when asked about what the thing that you have done on it? The answer maybe just look around hometown or so far into neighboring towns.

Real Adventurer

This world of nature existed are need to be explored, studied and utilized in a good way. The adventurers certainly know very well with this. Thus the hurdle is no longer be a problem. Your fear should be conquered and transformed into unforgettable exciting challenges. When you getting old, you will have many things to tell your grandchildren later. So come on and get out from your bed and do some of the following thing and activities, in order to make sure that you are a true adventurer.

1. Cliff Jumping

You should know there are many exciting activities that can be done in this world. Not only walking look around and then hold the mat in the garden and picnic family. It's been great, but there are more things that will give you an unforgettable experience. For example, to jump from the high cliff. Don't worry, you will freefall hit the water. Not all of the cliff safely be used as the location of the cliff jump, there are many considerations. Among the recommended places are Krabi in Thailand, Poco do Diablo in Brazil or Oahu in Hawaii.

2. Zip Lining

These rides are similar to a flying Fox, you would be hung using the equipment then glide over the hills down at high speed. It was so thrilling, while your adrenaline rush you can see the super cool view. At this time Nepal and Tagaytay area in the Philippines become the famous location to doing extreme zip lining. Of course, you don't have to go far to get there to feel the same sensation as in Indonesia also has an arena like that. Precisely in Eka Karya Botanical Garden Bedugul forests across the tube cool.

3. Sky Diving

If cliff jumping and zip lining not enough challenging so there are a higher even up through the sky. How? you are taken using an airplane and then told to jump toward the earth, dare? True adventurers didn't quit, if guided by skilled skydiving guide it will safe to do. Many areas that could be used as a landing point of skydiving in Indonesia. One of them is Mega Mas area, coastal reclamation area of Manado, which is located close to the Bunaken Marine Park.

4. Off-Roading ATV Ride

The Nature sightings are not seamless like a highway. There are rocks, slope, derivative, until the small rivers clear water flow. Shady trees at the edge of the abyss also considered if you want to have an adventure. Forget walking if you do not like it, there is another option to enjoy the scenery is by riding an ATV or quad bike. Ride the large wheeled vehicles that cross the mountains and listen to the sounds of nature which blend with the wind, blows among the leaves, to the songs of birds that do not want to let the silence come gripping.

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