Explore The Forest of Tanjung Puting

Posted by Administrator on 17th March, 2016

Tanjung puting national park

Name of Tanjung Puting later widely known among the tourists. Especially with frequent travelers who often upload photos of their trip. It made one by one person who saw it was also interested in going to visit, one of them to Tanjung Puting.

What's in Tanjung Puting?

borneo orangutan

Talk about Tanjung Puting certainly will not be far from the orangutan. Besides Sumatra, native orang utan habitat in Borneo. Right in the Tanjung Puting National Park which is how the wild orangutans living freely in the forest can be observed directly. In order to preserve the ecosystem of the last orang utan in the world,  UNESCO declared Tanjung Puting as one of the world's mega biodiversity.

Enjoy Kelotok in Tanjung Puting

Klotok houseboat

On arrival at  Tanjung Puting change in water transport using a medium-sized ship. Surrounding communities often refer to it as kelotok. These vessels will be a temporary hotel for both in Tanjung Puting. Imagine, all the activities of everyday eating, sleeping up to shower, everything was done above kelotok.

This is because the Tanjung Puting is a conservation area. And as a national park is not allowed to build a building on it. However, make no mistake, although only a boat, raft facilities for tourists quite complete. Starting mattress, dining table, even the toilet also has a shower. If hiring its own tariffs are relatively expensive. Therefore, one way to recycle by finding a lot of friends to rent a raft together.

Additionally, kelotok needs to be booked ahead of time, because during the holiday season 50 pieces kelotok for rent in Tanjung Puting will depart all. On arrival at Kumai, do not forget to buy tickets go to Tanjung Puting National Park. Including the cost of the use of cameras, tariffs here. The entrance is at the start of the Tanjung Puting Kumai River, down the river and ended up in the river Sekoyer Lakey.

Comb Forests and Direct Meet Orangutans

orang utan

Wilderness areas as well as a conservation, Tanjung Puting prioritized safety. Similarly, the safety of tourists. To be more effective, always follow your directives of the national park. Travelers can start trekking through the forest toward the main camp to see the orang utan, such as Camp Tanjung Harapan, Pondok High and Camp Lakey.

Importance of mentoring guide here, so travelers can see orang utan when he did. In addition to meals, the orangutans will be behind the move in the wild, so it is quite hard to look closely. Meanwhile, to buy souvenirs can be done at the Cape of Good Hope. Do not forget to bring anti-mosquito lotion, because after all tourists were in the forest.

Waiting for, get set schedules to enjoy sightseeing conservative in Tanjung Puting, where the orangutan conservation in the world.

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Next time when I come to Indonesia will definitely visit this place. New information's i got.
Thanks for sharing this article guys.

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