Embung Ngelangeran the Beautifull Artifial Lake in Hill Kidul Mountain

Posted by Administrator on 29th September, 2016

Come to Yogyakarta and only have a short time but want to enjoy the tourist attractions in Jogja beautiful nature and the adjacent? Come to Embung Nglanggeran in Gunung Kidul District.

Formerly in Nglanggeran area is just a hill, but thanks to the role of governments and communities around the hill was transformed into a reservoir which is right at the top of the hill.Embung Nglanggeran is one of the new attractions in  Kidul Mount. Given the age of these sights only 3 years. Embung Nglanggeran inaugurated a tourist attraction by the King of Yogyakarta, Sri Sulta HB X on February 19, 2013. In addition to being a tourist, Embung Nglanggeran serves as a storage container or water to irrigate gardens beneath Mount Nglanggeran. Therefore, this place is also called the Fruit Garden Nglanggeran.

Streets where little rocky and sandy to the left of the road, large rocks soaring. On the right of the road, ready to swallow steep ravine. The car was running slowly. About 15 minutes seeked in the shadow of the cliff finally arrived on foot Embung Nglanggeran. From this place is a scene ancient volcanoes lined. On the other hand, the tourists began to climb the stairs to reach the reservoir that is located on a hill top. In addition, there is also an expanse of fruit trees such as durian and longan. Contour hills tourism and Nglanggeran utilized by the lovers of extreme sports on a mountain bike.if you try to climb up the hill to get the numb side of the reservoir. On the hill, there is a camping area that can be used. In the other corner there are limestone rocks and benches that can be used to sit under the trees

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