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17th March, 2016

Tanjung puting national parkName of Tanjung Puting later widely known among the tourists. Especially with frequent travelers who often upload photos of their trip. It made one by one person who saw it was also interested in going to visit, one of them to Tanjung Puting.

Talk about Tanjung Puting certainly will not be far from the orangutan. Besides Sumatra, native orang utan habitat in Borneo. Right in the Tanjung Puting National Park which is how the wild orangutans living freely in the forest can be observed directly. In order to preserve the ecosystem of the last orang utan in the world,  UNESCO declared Tanjung Puting as one of the world's mega biodiversity.

12th March, 2016

Green Canyon CiamisAlthough some cities in West Java has a row of shopping center, but the province also has many natural tourist destinations that are worth visiting. Call it the Ciamis district which is famous for its Green Canyon. These natural attractions provide a wonderful natural charm of the cliffs, rivers and caves. Not just presenting the beauty, even tourists also can test the adrenalin! Curious as to what she called vacation here?

Green Canyon is located in the village of Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Ciamis District. The location is approximately 30 km from the city of Pangandaran. 

2nd March, 2016

solar eclipse balikpapanThere are interesting on March 9, 2016! The reason, several cities in Indonesia will be passed by the total solar eclipse that led to its territory late in a few minutes. This moment is special because the cities are planning to hold an event that is so festive to entertain the visitors. That is Balikpapan. This city, plans to hold events in two locations.

Tourism Government of Balikpapan will make the moment of a total solar eclipse as a platform to introduce Balikpapan travel. One of the places that will be the witness of such nature Unexplained is Manggar Beach. Its location is 25 km north of downtown. So, for travelers who can not wait to enjoy the show, the atmosphere of the beach until the eclipse of the sun, take the air.

1st March, 2016

Lake Blue SeminAt first glance when he heard the name of Mount Kidul, maybe that will be pictured in the mind is karst rock everywhere. On the other hand, Mount Kidul district is also a contributor to the beautiful beaches in the south of Yogyakarta. Call it Indrayanti Beach, Baron, Siung, Jogan, Sundak until Krakal. The beaches that make Yogyakarta is also famous for its natural charm. However, the charm of Yogyakarta is increasingly popular lately with Telaga Biru.

Telaga Biru has another name, namely Blue Lake. Its location right in Candirejo, District Semin, Mount Kidul. For travelers who can not wait to enjoy the cool weather and beautiful scenery, can directly fly to Yogyakarta or Solo.

17th October, 2014

The vacation season has arrived, in addition to tourist attractions, food is a necessity when traveling.

For those of you who were on holiday in Bali and would like to travel at once to taste traditional dishes made ​​from kosher, as well as close proximity attractions, the following references:

13th October, 2014

Bali Island in 2014 was granted the World most expert Destinasion, by New York Travel Leasure almost 3 months received Indonesian ambassador for the United States.

Chairman of the Tourism Industry Association of Indonesia Bali, Ngurah Wijaya said the award was received by the Indonesian ambassador in America approximately 3 months ago. Ngurah said he did not know what the criteria is made ​​Bali granted the most expert Destinasion.

12th September, 2014

Consequences nominated by the idol from the heart is one of the most unforgettable present moment* and memorable in an individual life. That's why, whilst they would like to utilize because commonly male fan create exhaustive grooming appropriate to cover the forward motion into preciously present moment* to be commemorated both.

23rd August, 2014

Mount Semeru with elevations of 3,676 meters above sea level has become one of the exciting destinations for mountain climbers. The natural beauty of the highest mountain in Java is indeed extremely exciting interests of climbers. In addition to presenting the beauty of nature, Semeru also a lot of mystery.

Want to know the mystery of what is contained in Semeru? Here are 5 Mysteries of Mount Semeru Visited The Always Attractive.

21st August, 2014

At present, there are more than 1,000 were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. But of all, there are some very wonderful site of the famous travelers and became the target.
Quoted from CNN, Tuesday (08/05/2014), this World Heritage Site 7 Most Beautiful in the World:

18th August, 2014

Uluwatu TempleIndonesia is a large country located in Southeast Asia, which has a large population and land area, the cultural diversity and significant geological area. With the amount of 18,110 islands, and 6,000 of them inhabited, it is worth if Indonesia called the world's largest archipelagic state. Population of around 240 million people (not yet updated) derived from 300 ethnic groups who speak more than 250 different languages​​. Bali is usually the most familiar destination for foreign visitors, although there are many tourist attractions in Indonesia are the other top.