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Join the Bali rafting, Bali cycling, trekking and "Let your life in adventures, feeling the new atmosphere, sharing the new experience, Explore for the new world, Make your life more colorful"
ALAM Rafting - Bali Rafting
Start from USD 78 (10% Off)
Bali Rafting by ALAM
ALAM is a professional Bali rafting company that is ready to assist and accompany you to explore the beautiful panorama and the extreme current of Telaga Waja river, Karangasem -- one of the best rivers in Bali --, it's will completed 14 km distance in around 2 hours.
Bali Cycling by ALAM
Start from USD 78 (10% Off)
Bali Cycling by ALAM
The package is an alternative offer to break a way from main roads and busy towns to discovery an abundance of exotic nature environment. A hectare of coffee and cocoa plantation, native village with plural life, breath taking at river valleys, jungle forest and exotic green rice field.
Batur Sunrise Trekking by ALAM
Start from USD 157 (10% Off)
Batur Trekking
Climb the highest peak and crafter in the dark and catch the magnificent sight of the red sky when it appears during sunlight and a beautiful sunrise from the top Mountain Batur experiencing stunning morning view. Then make your way down to the newer of the tree crafter to see the most recent lava flows and fiery lava.
Ijen Trekking by ALAM
Start from USD 301 (10% Off)
Ijen Crater Trekking
We carry you through coffee and clove plantations around the village of lichen and into once of java's last forest, rich wildlife at the park ranger's station to begin hike to Ijen crafter, along a shandy trail with spectacular views.
Bromo Trekking by ALAM
Start from USD 373 (10% Off)
Mt. Bromo Trekking
Have you ever thought of standing between Heaven and Hell….? Mt. Bromo will give you this impression. The extraordinary moonlike atmosphere and the opportunity to stare into the crater are the reasons for visiting. As well it provides a spectacular setting from which to observe the sunrise over the island of Bali.
Komodo Dragon Tour by ALAM
Start from USD 630 (10% Off)
Komodo Island Tour
The Park provides refuge for many other notable terrestrial species such as the orange-footed scrub fowl, an endemic rat, and the Timor deer. Moreover, the Park includes one of the richest marine environments including coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, seamounts, and semi-enclosed bays.
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The Reason Why You Should Choose ALAM ?
Our adventure team young and energetic will serve you, we offer and give a different adventure packages and to innovate, so we guarantee you will feel nature (ALAM) to make you feel reborn.

Alam Amazing Adventures was built to improve the tourism in Bali especially in Adventurous sector with famed “White Water Rafting, Cycling, Trekking and Etc” .and increase all of part of adventures include Human being and Environmental “ALAM”

Alam Amazing adventure is very concerned with nature preservation. the money that you spend for using our service will be set aside for donating to the nature preservation. Alam was founded to share the activities in exploring the nature. A apart of the company's profit is donated for environmental preservation to ALAM FOUNDATION as the Concern To Social Culture, Go Green, Rabies, Education, Healthy.

Easy access at start and finish point, Almost No Step to and from the river

The Longest river rafting routes in Bali

# 1st Adventure Specialist and the Only one adventures company with certificate

USD 50,000 personal insurance coverage

Our Happy People
We went to Bali and do rafting with Alam Adventures and it was a great experience. We had a very good guide and he gave us a great time. If you want to do a nice adventure at Bali, go with Alam Rafting.

gravatar --Arend P
My family and I had a great time doing the Ubud cycling tour. Staff were great, we do not cycle much at home and loved riding through and seeing the locals day to day life. Thanks for a great day especially Gusti Andrews Family.

gravatar --Laandrews2016


bukit cinta campuhan ubudBali is a target of the tourists when they want on vacation. Both domestic and foreign tourists are already familiar with the beauty of Bali is very charming and exotic. Certainly presents an interesting side separately. There are many tourist areas that can be visited. But there are still many who do not know nan hidden paradise in Bali. Where do these paradise?
klotok house boatName of Tanjung Puting later widely known among the tourists. Especially with frequent travelers who often upload photos of their trip. It made one by one person who saw it was also interested in going to visit, one of them to Tanjung Puting.