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Alam Amazing Adventures is a professional rafting company that is ready to assist and accompany you to explore the beautiful panorama and the extreme current of Telaga Waja River, Karangasem. 14 Kilometres is completed in around  2 hours. Telaga Waja river  is the main river used, as it is one of the best rivers in Bali that has various characteristics for white water rafting activity with a grading between 3 and 4.

besides the extreme water-sport, you can aso enjoy the beautiful panorama of the mountains, rice fields, and stone cliffs along the stream line, with the birds' chirping that fly fleetly in the nature. In some   part, you will experience the splash from the waterfall. You will no doubt be amazed and satisfied in exploring this beautiful river.

Therefore, you also give some contributions in preserving the nature of Telaga Waja River. The money that you spend for using our service will be set aside for donating to the nature preservation. Alam was founded to share the activities in exploring the nature. A part of the company's profit is donated for environmental preservation.

Thank you for trusting and using the services of Alam Amazing Adventures. We will not forget to thank you for taking part in conserving and preserving the nature.


PT. BALIKU BELAHAN JIWAKU famed with the named "Alam Amazing Adventures" was built in June 17th 2011 by Mr. I Made Sumertha, The Notary Public with notaries document number is  03/2010.
Recently, was rearranged the investor turnover that firmed by Agreement Resolution number 03 dated  December  2nd 2010 by Mr. Ir. I Wayan Adnyana S.H.,MKn. The Notary Public and the tax number called “Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak” (NPWP) : 31.279.561.0-903.000
Be going on the time, Alam Amazing Adventures got several licenses from Civil Administration Authority.  
There are:

  • Recommendation of Enterprises License by The Regent of  Karangasem  Regency with number: 503/20/46/KPPT, dated September 14th 2011.
  • Principle License by The Governor of Bali Province with number: 86 on 2011 dated August 19th 2011.
  • Establish License by Dinas Cipta Karya with number: 31 on 2011.
  • UKL, UPL that was legalized by The Head of Tourism Ministry, Post and Telecommunication, Bali.
  • Hinder or donate License with number :
    at Start Point Number: 503/38/45/KPPT Base on Br. Batusesa, Menanga Village.
    at Finish Point Number: 503/38/46/KPPT Base on Br. Dinas Tangkup Anyar, Tangkup.


Land and Building

  • Start Point Start Point ALAM Rafting was stand in large of area 350 m2 that located Br. Batusesa, Menanga Village, District Rendang, Karangasem Regency. In this area was built a lobby that stand of front desk for receptionist, bath room and fitting room. Besides that, there are any other room such as store room to store the boats, briefing room to briefing all the workers before the works are started.
  • Finish Point Finish Point Alam Amazing Adventures was stand in Large of area 300 m2 located in Br. Dinas Tangkup Anyar, Tangkup Village, Sidemen District, Karangasem Regency. In this area was built a restaurant and bath room  Facilities.



Alam Amazing Adventures was built to improve the tourism in Bali especially in Adventurous sector with famed Bali White Water Rafting, Bali Cycling, Bali and Beyond Trekking, etc and increase all of part of adventures include Human being and Environmental ALAM


  • Alam Amazing adventure is very concerned with nature preservation. the money that you spend for using our service will be set aside for donating to the nature preservation. Alam was founded to share the activities in exploring the nature. A apart of the company's profit is donated for environmental preservation to ALAM FOUNDATION as the Concern To Social Culture, Go Green, Rabies, Education, Healthy.
  • We will introduce to the society to know more about White Water Rafting, Cycling and Trekking Adventures.
  • We will promote about tourism to the villagers (the community in surrounding).
  • We were invited the villagers to join with us to work in our company as our workers. In this case Alam Amazing Adventures helped the government to cover the jobless in contends the poverty.

Our Safety Standard

  1. Our entire river guide is professional guide with trained Swift Water Rescue Program and American Affiliation White Water Safety Standard.
  2. Guaranteed with personal insurance coverage until US $50.000.
  3. Professional the real Balinese Management Company with our motto Fun, Save, Easy and Friendly, Come as a Guest Leave as a Our Family.


Enterprises Activity Little did you know that Alam Amazing Adventures is the longest and best rafting trip on Telaga  Waja  River. The length approximately 14 km of wild  river that use the boat during 2 hours.

Equipments that use to do the activity Alam Amazing Adventures has 31 pieces of Boats, 250 pieces of Helmets, 200 pieces of Paddles, 200 pieces of Life Jackets, Face Towel 500 pieces, Towels 300 pieces  and 200 pieces of Dry Bags, 100 pieces Bicycle, 20 pieces Baby Seat Bicycle, 150 pieces Bicycle Helmet.


Everyone who joint to Alam Amazing Adventures subjective to pay IDR 10.000,- for  ALAM FOUNDATION
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